Now in it’s eighth year, the increasingly popular Doki Doki Festival made happy hunting ground for Chu-Lo fans. Conceived as an afternoon session of culture and cosplay, Doki Doki has grown in popularity over the last two years with those who love to celebrate Japanese popular culture.
Now a two day event with more than 250 traders promoting their products including everything from authentic traditional cuisine to Japanese style handicrafts. This year, the Doki Doki event in Manchester was even listed as part of the Japanese Embassy Season of Culture, perhaps accounting for the huge turnout which saw more than 3000 people in attendance. Chu-Lo was one of the official sponsors for 2019 and spent the weekend promoting and selling drinks and obtaining fantastic market research.
Tastes great and really peps you up, with a subtle sour kick without the sugar. Drink up and chill! – Leigh, Japanese Society North West
Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a amazing weekend. Next year is sure to be even bigger and better. Visit the Doki Doki website for all the latest news on the event.

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