Chu-Lo has won the award for Design Excellence at the International Drinks Expo (IDE) 2019 in London. The prestigious award was presented to Chu-Lo founder and owner, Stephanie Buttery, who attended the event on Monday (19th November) which coincided with the drink’s official launch.
The Awards Final stage included a 3 minute pitching event against 5 other brands, with a judging panel including buyers from The Restaurant Group, Excel London and Revolution Bars.
Things are looking bright for Chu-Lo. Chu-Lo is already stocked in dozens of quality establishments across Manchester, from gaming stores to bars and restaurants. The accolade has generated even more interest in the premium Japanese-inspired soft drink with restaurant chains and gaming stores already in talks to strike a deal to stock the award-winning beverage. “Market research from Warrington to Watford has been overwhelming positive about the branding and it’s wonderful to have industry professionals speak so highly of the concepts that we’ve developed,” Stephanie told IDE reporters. “The nomination for Design Excellence was an honour to receive and to have been chosen over the other incredible brands has blown me away.” The Chu-Lo branding and package design was produced by Top League Brand Design, a young and vibrant design and marketing agency based in Vienna with its roots in Manchester. “It’s a fantastic achievement for both Top League Brand Design and Chu-Lo, both of which are less than a year old,” said the agency founder and Creative Director Charlie Wythe. “Chu-Lo was a joy to work on!  “Stephanie came to us with a great product and brilliant vision and the branding, design concept and artwork flowed from there.” In just six months, Chu-Lo went from concept, crafting and canning, to becoming the award-winning and sought-after soft drink in Manchester City – with plans for wider release across the UK. But you don’t have to wait to get your taste buds tingling with our award winning, vegan friendly, gluten free and low sugar soft drink because Chu-Lo is available to order online here, right now

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