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Yo Sushi are a brand who have long provided great vegetarian and vegan options. With a large portion of their menu being vegan, from sushi to katsu curry, there’s a plenty of vegan Yo Sushi options to suit your palette!

Sometimes people are put off by the “vegan” label, as if it takes some of the flavour away! Yo Sushi prove that this isn’t the case.

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Yo Sushi and Veganuary

Previously, Yo Sushi have run offers such as green Wednesdays, with reduced veggie and vegan dishes. This year, YO! are offering a Veganuary bundle! For £25, you will get a range of vegan dishes to try – so you don’t have to choose!

Also, new for Veganuary 2022, is the nourish bowl. A healthier option, which is packed full of veggies! This dish is part of YO!’s new “feel good bowls” range.

Yo Sushi Nourish Bowl

Vegan Alternatives

These are dishes where traditional meat or fish has been swapped out for a tasty vegan alternative. So, why not give these twists on classics a try this Veganuary!

Pumpkin kATSU Curry

Yo Sushi Pumpkin Katsu Curry

Sometimes, even the classics get boring after a while. This dish is a delicious alternative to the popular chicken katsu curry. 

Shiitake Mushroom Ramen

Shiitake Mushroom Ramen

Usually made with a meat or fish broth, this vegan ramen with veggie broth is a great alternative! It’s filled with tofu, mushrooms and pak choi so definitely doesn’t lack the texture you might miss from meat and fish!

Deliciously Vegan

These are the intentionally vegan dishes – made less for the accommodating the meat eater, and more for flavour’s sake!

Sushi - Yasai Rolls

Yo Sushi Yasai Roll

This is a personal favourite vegan option from Yo Sushi. It’s a flavour sensation – and no fish! It might be untraditional, but it’s the vegan spin on sushi you didn’t know you needed.

And if you’re someone who wants to try sushi but isn’t a big fan of fish – this is a great way to expand your palette.

Inari Taco

Yo Sushi Inari Taco

A sushi… taco? Yes, and it’s genius! The taco shell provides a crisp outside, which contrasts nicely with the veggies and rice inside! A great opportunity to try something unique, delicious and most importantly, vegan!

ChU lO Apple Sour

Last, but certainly not least, is us!

Chu Lo Cans on YO! Sushi conveyor belt

Of course, you can wash all the food dishes down with some vegan friendly Chu Lo! If you want to add a sour kick to your Yo Sushi experience, get your hands on a taste-bud bending Chu Lo Apple Sour at your nearest restaurant.

Can’t wait? Get your Chu Lo direct!

Going to give these vegan options a try? Let us know your favourite Yo Sushi item by leaving a reply!

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