Food Halls and who we stock!

Food halls!.. And who we stock

Food Halls are a great place to hang out with your friends, especially with Christmas around the corner. You can try a bit of everything if, like us, you find it hard to decide what tasty food you want! There are some cool ones out there that some of you might not know about, so keep reading to hear about some hidden gems…


Located in Manchester, Society is a hub of street food, craft beer, wine, cocktails, and boasts an impressive line up of talented independent traders. It has a great line of of events, including resident DJ’s and performers. You can make group bookings too if you want to plan ahead a bit!

Mackie Mayor

What used to be an old fresh produce market, has been transformed into Mackie Mayor, offering breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. This one is also located in Manchester, so why not check it out.


We’re sure you have all heard of this one, the famous Boxpark, located in Shoreditch, Croydon, Wembley, with a new one opening in Liverpool. Boxpark opened in 2011 and was the first pop up shopping and dining space in the world! It has local communities at its heart, and is now the biggest pop up social space in London.


A smaller one now, also located in Manchester, Exhibition has 3 kitchens in one restaurant. Offering Spanish, Norwegian and Brazilian food under one roof. Make sure to book as it can get very popular!

Chu Lo are sold in all of these locations, so when you’re enjoying the tasty food, make sure to grab a Chu Lo on the side! 

But don’t worry if you can’t make it to any of these brilliant venues, we’ve got you covered!
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Steph's Nomination for the GB Entrepreneur Awards

GB Entrepreneur Awards 2022!

the Great British Entrepreneur Awards

We have entered the GB Entrepreneur Awards this month, and its a great opportunity for us to connect with the community and show off our new #sourup Chu Lo cans! These awards are hosted by Steven Bartlett and give any new entrepreneurs a shine in the spotlight. There are many different categories within these awards, but of course Chu Lo will be featured in the Food and Drink Entrepreneur of the Year.

There is some tough competition out there, and some innovative new entrepreneurs  in the line up, so look out for some of these…


Flavourly’s mission is to bring craft beer to the masses. They collaborate with small craft beer brands to deliver the flavour right to your door. These delivery boxes include lots of different brands, if you’re looking to try something new. Check out Flavourly if you love some craft to your beer.

Flavourly Craft Beer
Nice Drinks

Nice Drinks

Nice offer wine in cans and boxes, you might have seen these lot around because they are really taking the market by storm! With lovely packaging, there’s definitely great flavour to a small can of your favourite wine, niceee…

Lucky Saint

Lucky Saints are an alcohol free beer, now some of you might be speculating, but Lucky Saints believe in breaking the rules while honouring traditions. So why not give them a try, and see for yourself.

Rockstar Spirits

Rockstar Spirits launched in 2018 to make the very best spiced rum spirits. Vibrant designs, and great taste, if you’re looking for something different this christmas, why not give Rockstar a try! 

Black Storm Brewery

Black storm Brewery’s mantra is great beer bringing people together, with 6 different craft beers to try- they are worth a look. They also have a tap room in Newcastle upon Tyne, so if you’re in the area why not check it out.

And Chu Lo will be there too! So look out for us! The finals are taking place on Monday 21st November in London, so make sure to keep an eye out for the winners, and show your support for some great budding entrepreneurs.

And if you want to make your own judgment, all the competitors websites are linked, but of course, you can get yourself a refreshing Chu Lo from the link below!
With Free shipping over £20 and next day delivery, we’ll get them to you before the award show so you can make your own mind up

Arena Clash Cover 01

Belong Arena Clash!

Belong Arena cLASH

Have you heard? Our good friends at GAME are underway with their exciting next instalment of the Belong Arena Clash! You might be wondering what Arena Clash is, well keep reading and we’ll cover everything you need to know!

Arena Clash is a tournament spread across a few different games, in the past we have seen games like Rainbow 6 Siege, CSGO and Fifa, but this time around we’re going to be watching Overwatch 2, Valorant, League of Legends, Tekken 7 & their newest listing Fortnite!


Arena Clash Autumn 2022

With 5 games going on at the same time, it’s the widest Arena Clash has been spread to date! So there’s even more viewing opportunities! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, what actually is Arena Clash?
Arena Clash is a tournament run across these five games between the different cities around the UK, there are currently 26 different places to go and participate!

Belong Arena Map

Bradford Rams
Hull Hunters 
Manchester Swarm
Preston Invincibles
Scunthorpe Destroyers 
Sheffield Serpents
Teesside Steelers
Bristol Smugglers
Birmingham Fort Defenders
Birmingham Bruisers
Braintree Boars
Milton Keynes Enigmas
Wolverhampton Wildcats
Lakeside Leviathans
Plymouth Armada
Stratford Spartans
Sutton Spectres
Aberdeen Gargoyles
Wrexham Reapers
Ballymena Bears
Craigavon Kestrels
Maiden City Bats
Newry Gatekeepers
Leicester Raptors

Each Belong Arena runs their own teams for each of the different games that you can participate in. They run in-house team building, then there’s the chance to participate against the other teams in the UK, to see which teams qualify for the league of each game. The qualified teams play through the regular season, communicating with the other Belong Arena’s for their matches each week that are all played in person at the Arena’s, while also being selectively streamed. Then the top teams move onto the single elimination playoffs, and finally the top two teams go into the finals to play for the grand prize and the accomplishment of being the Arena Clash Champions! 

Arena Clash Format

The prizes are awarded to the top four placing teams;
First Place – £200 & £100 (RRP) Worth of Hardware, Peripherals and merchandise
Second Place – £125 & £50 (RRP) Worth of Hardware, Peripherals and merchandise
Third Place – £100
Four Place – £80

However, Fortnite’s prize system is a little different, the format is a Duo’s tournament throughout multiple rounds of the battle royal, with the prizes being as follows;
First Place – £750
Second Place – £575
Third Place – £450
Fourth Place – £350
Fifth Place £300
Sixth Place – Eighth Place – £250
Ninth Place – Eleventh Place – £200
Twelfth Place – Fifteenth Place – £150
Sixteenth PlaceTwentieth Place – £75
Twenty-first PlaceTwenty-fifth Place – £50

Schedule's and timings

It’s a very exciting event to watch throughout, with plenty of variety in the games covered and the skill level too! So there’s something for everyone, go check out to get all the info you need on dates and times, then head over to to watch live and cheer on your favourite or local team!

Whilst you’re here, why not grab a refreshing Chu Lo to drink whilst watching the games.
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Crossing the chasm representation

Crossing the Chasm. New Canning Venture’s!

Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the chasm… now, you may have heard this businessy term, but like many of us sometimes it needs breaking down a bit. So what does crossing the chasm mean for start-ups like us?

Geoffery Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm, details the process and challenges with crossing the chasm, but this blog will hopefully summarise it a bit for you.

So in simple terms, crossing the chasm is essentially transitioning between the early market to the mainstream market. The early market being the innovators and early adopters and the late market being the early majority, late majority, and laggards. It is usually used when new technology is being introduced, however it can be used in general company strategy too.

Crossing the chasm

Crossing the chasm is a very important stage in marketing, and it isn’t normally the first to market that succeeds, but the first to cross the chasm. The needs of the mainstream market is normally very different to the early market, so as a start-up it is important to identify those, the main challenge for the mainstream market is to make them believe that your brand is the safe option so they feel like they can trust you into buying in.

Once the chasm has been crossed, it should allow for your company to see a rise in sales and customer loyalty. And with this comes profit, which is an added bonus!!

At Chu Lo we have recently changed canning supplier, which is big news for us as it has been a while in the making! This change is allowing us to cross the chasm, as we are now branching out to our mainstream market, and becoming slightly less niche, while still tapping into our USP!

We’re so excited to share this ace news with you! And if you want to get a hold of some of these new cans for yourself, you can head to the button below! 

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Santander x Awards

The Santander X Awards

The Santander X Awards

We have entered Santander X this year, and are super excited to share with you some of our innovative competitors who we are up against. Santander X is a competition to help society find the most innovative and sustainable startups and scale-ups out there. It is a super fun application process and has really taught us a lot! But, we obviously have some tough competition… 


Gusto Snacks

Gusto Snacks

First up is Gusto Snacks. These are a really exciting start up, that make apple dried crisps but made with wonky fruit! They rescue and transform misshapen fruit into delicious snacks, to help with food waste. It doesn’t get much more wonky than that… 

Savora Drinks

Savora Drinks are a premium mixer that can be perfectly paired with Tequila. They came across a problem that it is always hard to find a mixer to go with tequila, so they crafted their own tasty treat!

Savora Drinks


Ruh engineers snacks specifically for a happy soul. They make chocolate snacks that only contain the good stuff, but still taste great. They believe that ‘a happier soul, is a happier you’.


Foodilicious are proud to be the UKs first low FOODMAP food and drink brand, pretty impressive! This means their products are kind to your gut and are perfect if you have IBS or a sensitive stomach.

E Menu

EMenu now

A techy one next, EMenu Now is the only QR code order & pay solution that plugs into any existing POS system. Very innovative!

Tuggs Dog Food

 Tuggs Dog Food believes they are the future of dog food. They make 100% natural dog food that uses insect protein to help the environment!

Tuggs Dog Food
Chu Lo Drinks

Chu Lo Drinks

And then there’s us! If you don’t know Chu Lo, we are a Japanese inspired sour soft drink brand. We use freshly squeezed fruit juice and delicious flavours for a low sugar, alcohol-free super sour soda with a unique and tantalising fizzy kick.

Tough Competition!

So as you can see, there is big competition at the Santander X awards this year, so look out for us and all the other amazing brands we are up against, and bring on the competition!

But whilst you’re here! Why not get yourself a #SourUp to enjoy the awards with.
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Disneyland Japan Halloween

Spooky Season in Japan… Is it the same?

Spooky Season in Japan!

With Halloween fast approaching it is interesting to see how other countries celebrate like we do. Halloween is celebrated in Japan just like all over the world on October 31st. However, it did arrive late to the spooky scene when Tokyo Disneyland first introduced it to the mainstream public in 2000. Since then, it has gained a lot of popularity amongst Japanese people and has become part of their culture. Not surprisingly due to the popularity of Cosplay in Japan!

But is it the same?...

Japanese Halloween Pumpkin Display

Japan does things a little bit differently compared to the Western ideas of Halloween. 

  • There is no trick or treating! This may come as a surprise, as for us it is the main staple of Halloween day. But this is because Halloween is mainly celebrated by adults. 
  • Scary street parties! Halloween takes the form of a Japanese festival with street parties, flash mobs and parades all through the night.
  • Pumpkin galore! Pumpkins aren’t just seen as decorations and lanterns in Japan they are used in cooking traditional Japanese cuisine and even sweets.
  • As for the decs… paper origami is a classic for decorating Japanese homes!

Even though Halloween is a fairly recent addition to Japanese culture, the Japanese have enthusiastically embraced the spooky season in all its glory! Making Halloween in Japan a unique and thoroughly Japanese experience.


Your very own Japan inspired Halloween!

After all of that, if you’re feeling like bringing a little bit of Japanese inspiration to your Halloween, why not spice it up with some #SourUp Chu Lo!
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Chu Lo in NQ64

Gaming Bars & Who we Stock!

Gaming bars & who we stock!

Gaming bars are becoming ever more popular where you can play your favourite games with your mates with a cocktail in hand! From retro arcade style to modern video games, there is something for everyone. And this is your guide to some of the best gaming bars in the UK.

NQ64 Bar


Located in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow, Soho, Newcastle. 

Neon splattered drinking dens full of retro arcade games and classic consoles.
NQ64 say they take as much pride in their drinks selection as they do in their games.

(Chu Lo is stocked here!)


Locations in Northampton and Newcastle-Under-Lyme. 

Air hockey, basketball, golf racing, and indoor raceway… its a more classic kind of gaming compared too a lot of the other arcade type bars, but we like the think variety is the spice of life!

Playhouse Bar
Four Quarters Bar

Four Quarters

Locations in Peckham, Elephant & Castle, Hackney, and Bristol. 

All their games run on quarters, with a range of console games to pinball machines, you’ll be hard pressed to run out of fun!

(Chu Lo is stocked here!)

penny Lane

Penny Lane is located in the Lace Market at the heart of Nottingham.

 Their games are mainly amusement style arcades, for the perfect nostalgic experience. They also offer food and drinks to keep you fuelled for your gaming filled day!


Penny Lane Bar
Pixel Bar

Pixel Bar

Located in both Manchester and Leeds. 

The games list is endless with X-box, PlayStation, Switch and High Spec PCs all available to play on. As well as a club room for late night parties!

 (Chu Lo is stocked here!)

Arcade Club

The Arcade Club has locations in Bury, Leeds and Blackpool. 

The Arcade Club preaches to provide access to as many people as possible to gaming’s history and the nostalgia fuelled joy of visiting the ‘local’ arcade.

 (Chu Lo is stocked here!)


Arcade Club

Even with all those amazing bars it doesn’t really scratch the surface on how many there are scattered about there, each one providing an amazingly unique night out! 

But don’t worry if you can’t make it to any of them, or maybe its just not your thing! You can still head to the shop below and get yourself a Sour Up and enjoy it in the comfort of home!

Apple Chu Lo Cocktail

Chu Lo Halloween Cocktails!

Spooky Seasonal Halloween cocktails!

Mummy margaritas, deathly dark and stormies, and ghostly gin fizz’s; it’s spooky season so we are bringing you some just-as-spooky cocktails, perfect for your Halloween celebrations.

Jack - O - Lantern Cocktail

Jack – O – Lantern

Peach Chu Lo
50ml Jack Daniels
15ml Orgeat Syrup
Orange Peel
Pour Jack Daniels and Orgeat Syrup over ice, add orange peel, top with Peach Chu Lo and stir.

Served in a rocks glass with an orange peel cut into the shape of a pumpkin.


Cherry Chu Lo
25ml Amaretto
25ml Cherry Brandy
Pour Amaretto and Cherry Brandy over ice. Top with Cherry Chu Lo and stir.

Served in a wine glass with a White Chocolate dipped strawberry garnish, and a black icing face to look like a scream mask!

Scream! Cocktail
Hocus Pocus Cocktail

Hocus Pocus

Tropical Chu Lo
37.5ml Havana Especial
Silver Lustre Dust
12.5ml Blue Curacao
Lime Juice

Pour Havana, Lime Juice and Blue Curacao over ice, add lustre dust, top with Tropical Chu Lo, stir and watch the magic happen.

Witches Brew

Apple Chu Lo
12.5ml Melon Liqueur
25ml Havana Especial
Apple Jelly (chopped into fine chunks)
25ml Lime juice

Put all ingredients into a glass over ice and top with Apple Chu Lo.

Apple Chu Lo Cocktail
Hallo-WINE Sangria

Hallo-WINE Sangria

Lemon Chu Lo
25ml Triple Sec
125ml White Wine
Orange segments
Pour Triple Sec and Wine into glass over ice and orange segments, top with Lemon Chu Lo, add spiders and stir.

Served in a wine glass with orange wheel and spiders or make a larger batch in a jug if you’re having friends over!

We hope you enjoy having a go at making some of thiese spooky cocktails! If you do make some of them, send us a tweet or a message on discord and show us how you got on!!

And don’t forget you can pick up your #SourUp Chu Lo Drinks for the cocktails from the button below!

(With Free shipping over £20 and Next Day Delivery too!)

Can set up at a Small Event

The Benefits of Small Events!

As a start-up Business ourselves, we know the importance of making the most of opportunities big and small, and in the past year we have seen a huge benefit in attending small events, festivals and conferences.

Just in the past few months we have attended many summer festivals and events. In July we attended HYPER JAPAN which allowed us to connect with lots of other small Japanese food and drink businesses. We also attended the Summer Matsuri Festival and the Doki Doki Festival, we love making the most of these opportunities as it makes us feel more connected to our customers and to other brands with similar interests.

Chu Lo Steph at Hyper Japan
Chu Lo Jamie at Liverpool Anime League

“The main benefit for us attending these events is that it gives us a real chance to meet our community face to face and build up that feeling of reality. We have a very loyal customer base, so going to these events consistently generates loyalty and returning customers, because ultimately, people like buying from people. It also gives us a chance to see people try our drinks for the first time and lets us make it a positive and memorable experience!” – Jamie, Community manager

The Bar Convent Berlin 2022

Just last week we were lucky enough to be invited to the Bar Convent Berlin trade show by the International Department. Every year the most important importers, producers and wholesalers meet bar operators, bartenders and distributors from around 80 countries and its a chance for your brand to be inspired by current trends and gain new fans. We had a great time and it was such a valuable experience for Chu Lo.

Bar Convent Berlin 2022

In conclusion!

Overall we believe the benefits are endless when it comes to these events and as a community we have discovered and established so many great connections through these opportunities… Let us know if you are a small business looking to make connections too!

Don’t forget! Even if you’ve not had the chance to meet us at one of the many events we head too, you can still have your first #SourUp Moment whenever you like, with free shipping over £20 and Next Day Delivery, your just a few clicks away!

All Chu Lo Flavours Outside

Go Sober This October!

Lets Go Sober This October!

We’ve all heard of dry January… But what’s taking centre stage this month is the MacMillan Cancer Support Initiative “Go Sober This October”!! 
So we are here to help you out with some delicious cocktail ideas without the alcohol. Same great taste, without the hangover!

Before we start, don’t forget to head over to the MacMillan Cancer Support website and consider contributing whilst taking part in this brilliant event!

Now! Up first we have…

Chu Lo Refresher

Chu Lo Refresher Cocktail

A Chu Lo Refresher! Simple and easy to make a refreshing cocktail to start of the night right!

50ml Seedlip Grove 42
Chu Lo Lemon Sour
A Dash of Orange Bitters
A Lemon peel garnish for the glass

Like we said, nice and simple to start us of, but don’t under estimate the amazing flavour of this one! 

The Peach Cobbler

Chu Lo Peach Cobbler

The Chu Lo Peach Cobbler, a warm take on a cool classic! 

15ml Monin Speculoos
Chu Lo Peach Sour 
Crushed Biscoff for the rim! 

Another brilliantly simple and beautifully tasty drink!

Chu Lo Cherry Bakewell

Chu Lo Cherry Bakewell

Last but certainly not least! The Chu Lo Cherry Bakewell, a unique and simple taste infusion! 

5ml Maple Syrup
2 Dashes of Vanilla Extract
Chu Lo Cherry Sour

You wont believe the incredible taste, it’s just like a Cherry Bakewell!

Now with all those brilliant recipes in your brain, make sure you tag us on Instagram @Chulo_Drinks if you shake up any of these cocktails, or if you make your own creative “Go Sober This October” Bevs!

Don’t forget that if you need a top up on your #SourUp supplies, head to the shop below and treat yourself

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