The Lo-Down… the Chu-Lo Story

How do you build a business in 6 months?

That’s the dilemma Angels Share MCR Ltd founder Stephanie Buttery faced when developing her latest start-up Chu-Lo soft drinks.

After several months of dedication to hard work, and with the first batch in the market place, Stephanie chronicles here the steps she took to make her vision reality and inspire others with a dream to do the same.

Feb 19 – The Idea

It started out as an idea.

Having spent most of 2018 in Japan I came back with an addiction to Japanese culture, and whilst Manchester has no shortage of Asian Fusion restaurants, it was curious to me that the only soft drink offerings were a Cola or Fanta.

In my enlightened state these drinks did not compliment the cuisine and I saw my gap.

Create a Japanese style Soft drink which looks great and tastes like being in the heart of Tokyo.

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Chu-Lo is a brand new range of premium soft drinks lovingly crafted for those with a thirst for everything out of the ordinary


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Chu-Lo Terms

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