Chu-lo lemon palette

While COVID-19 may have changed the world as we know it, at Chu Lo we take solace in the Japanese ideal of ‘Shouganai’ – worrying about the bad things will only stop you from enjoying the good.

Like many in the food and drink industry, Chu Lo has found that the closure of bars and restaurants has seen 95% of business dry up almost overnight.

To add more challenges to the mix, Chu Lo Drinks founder Stephanie Buttery has been reposted to her previous role in the Royal Navy as part of the military effort to ensure that vital PPE reaches those in the NHS frontline who need it most.

Working in the Department of Health in London, Stephanie saw a way in which Chu Lo Drinks could support the NHS in their own way.

A palette of 20,000 Chu Lo cans ready for delivery to the frontline in the fight against Covid-19

Inspired by the fantastic efforts made by Wasabi sushi and bento to provide 500 meals a day to NHS staff, Buttery wanted to make sure that those in the frontline would have the appropriate soft drink to accompany their meals.

With the support of Premier Exports London Ltd, Chu Lo Drinks were able to redirect 3 weeks worth of drinks to the Wasabi Warehouse.

“Naturally, while working in the Department of Health, the Chu Lo Drinks business must take a back seat,” explained Buttery.

“Having Wasabi agree to this partnership means that Chu Lo soft drinks can do their bit towards lifting the spirits of those heroes on the frontline dealing with the worst of this crisis.

“If Chu Lo drinks can help bring a smile to those most affected during this difficult time, it will have been worth it.”

Chu Lo Drinks is an award winning Manchester-based start up.

Chu Lo drinks are unique in the soft drinks market – a soft drink bringing the much-loved sour fix tang of Japanese Chuhai to the UK as a thirst-busting companion to gamers and lovers of everything out of the ordinary.


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