Person gaming with controller and Chu Lo Cherry Sour at Belong Gaming Arena. Row of other people gaming in the background.

We have a massive new stockist: the amazing Belong Gaming Arenas. Belong is the go-to place for gaming, with modern and high-tech equipment from PCs to PS5s! And now, we’re here to level up the experience with a mid-game SOUR-UP. 

Belong stock all four of our flavours: Lemon Sour, Apple Sour, Peach Sour, and Cherry Sour! So, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your taste in drinks or games!  

About Belong Gaming Arenas

Chu Lo Cherry Sour in front of Belong store sign

Belong is for every kind of gamer: from serious, esports gamers to the casual gamer. Each Belong Gaming Arena has an astounding range of equipment, from Xbox Series X, to the illusive PS5, to PCs, to amazing gaming displays and peripherals suitable for esports.   

Belong also hosts gaming parties to give you and your friends, or your children and their friends an amazing gaming experience.  

Each Belong Gaming Arena has its own squad name – from the Manchester Swarm to the Aberdeen Gargoyles, all arenas provide a great community for gamers. Belong are also very active on social media with their community on Discord, Twitter, and Facebook – so make sure to join those! 

Where You'll Find Us

You won’t just find Chu Lo in dedicated Belong Gaming Arenas, you’ll also find us in other Fraser Group stores, like House of Fraser and Sports Direct, that have a GAME section!  

Find Your Nearest Store!

Young person playing gaming as Belong Gaming Arena with Chu Lo

Here’s the list of the 32 Belong Gaming Arenas, Sports Direct (SPD) stores, GAME retail stores (GRL), and House of Fraser (HOF) stores Chu Lo is currently available in: 

  • Bristol (Cribbs Causeway) 
  • Manchester (Arndale) 
  • Kingston 
  • Manchester (Trafford) 
  • Milton Keynes 
  • Bradford 
  • Bristol Merchant Street 
  • Preston 
  • Stratford
  • Liverpool GRL
  • Craigavon 
  • Lakeside SPD 
  • Ballymena SPD 
  • Wrexham SPD 
  • Sutton SPD 
  • Scunthorpe SPD 
  • Newry SPD 
  • Birmingham Fort SPD 
  • Leicester Fosse Park SPD 
  • Derry SPD 
  • Braintree SPD 
  • Wolverhampton SPD 
  • Middlesbrough SPD 
  • Hull SPD 
  • Portsmouth SPD 
  • Aberdeen Berrydon SPD 
  • Cheshunt 
  • Bluewater HOF 
  • Sutton Coldfield HOF 
  • Plymouth SPD 
  • Belfast Connswater BM (Brand Max) 
  • York 

Can't wait?

Don’t go thirsty, get your Chu Lo fix direct from our website! 

Chu Lo has no alcohol or caffeine and is low in sugar; so, there will be no hangovers, caffeine headaches, or sugar crashes to distract you from gaming, just premium flavour with a sour fizz kick!

Join our Discord and be apart of Chu Lo’s gaming community. 

You can also follow us on Twitch where we do watch alongs and food & drink related streams!

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