The Savoy London on Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars

Episode 6 of Future Food Stars takes place in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in The Savoy. It’s certainly an iconic and breath-taking venue, conveniently located on the Northbank of the River Thames. But, it’s also way more than that! It has its own traditions and special practices, built over the 130+ years it’s been open! 

The Savoy is known for being a long-standing luxury hotel in London, attended by many of the rich and famous. But here’s some things you might not know about The Savoy… 

1. 13 is an unlucky number

If you book for a party of 13, you’ll have a statue of a cat placed on a chair at your table as the 14th person – since 13 is unlucky! He even has a name – Kaspar the Cat! Kind of makes you want to book a table of 13 just to have an extra friend!  

When Kaspar isn’t needed, he is displayed in The Savoy’s Front Hall. So, if you visit the hotel, you will always see him around.  

This tradition relates to the superstition that the first person to leave a table of 13 will also be the first one to die. Unfortunately, for one party of 13 who ate at The Savoy, this superstition did come true. From then on, there had to be a fourteenth person present at any 13-person table. First this was in the form of a waiter – but since this deprived The Savoy of a member of staff and prevented private conversations amongst guests, another solution was found in the form of Kaspar the cat! 

Ironically, Kaspar is a black cat, also a superstitious symbol of bad luck, but maybe… they cancel each other out? They even put a napkin around his neck and he is served plates of food along with the other 13 guests! 

Breakfast at The Savoy

2. You enter on the right side of the road

But in the UK, we drive on the left… right? Not in the turning circle for The Savoy we don’t – it’s one of the last places, due to its age, where this still happens! Otherwise, the driver will be getting out on the wrong side of the road! 

3. You can get married at The Savoy

And I can see why – outstanding food and an amazing atmosphere is certainly what you would want on our wedding day.  

The venue can cater both large and small weddings, The Savoy’s private dining rooms which can host from 10 to 50 people, to the Lancaster Ballroom which is suitable for up to 300 guests to dine and dance in.  

4. They Have Many Eco-Friendly Practices

From recycling their champagne corks into children’s crafts that are sold for charity, to transforming food waste and used oil into renewable energy, they have many sustainability initiatives. They have also won a number of sustainability awards. Find out more here. 

5. The Savoy X Gucci

The Savoy currently have a Savoy X Gucci campaign, creating a creative “immersive Gucci experience,” with their flagship Royal Suite being transformed with Gucci designs.  

But, this collab isn’t random, not at all – Gucci’s founder, Guccio Gucci, worked at The Savoy as a luggage porter in his youth. Plus, according to The Savoy, the luxury of the hotel and its guests was a major inspiration behind Gucci itself! 

Episode 6 of Future Food Stars

Steph and other Future Food Stars contestants at The Savoy kitchen

Make sure to catch Future Food Stars at 9pm on Thursday 5th May or catch up on BBC iPlayer to see the contestants at The Savoy!

Did any of these facts surprise you? Or are you a Savoy expert, who already knew all these wonderful facts? Let us know by leaving a reply! 

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This post is not endorsed by or in partnership with The Savoy London.  

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