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We’re half way through Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars already! And what a journey it’s been so far. Alongside the show, Twitter provides some extra entertainment, as the public add their opinion each episode. So, we thought we’d take a dive into the best Future Food Stars tweets!

Because everyone knows that when a show is on and something unexpected happens, we all flood to Twitter. Either to see the jokes or the outrage it might have caused online!

On Twitter especially, there have definitely been some running themes that people have been picking up on. So much so that we even made our own bingo card…. 

Now, Future Food Star contestant and Chu Lo’s Founder, Steph Buttery, certainly hasn’t avoided these comments. From £8 toasties to an obsession with the navy, we’ve seen many tweets talking about Steph. 

It’s definitely been fascinating to see people’s reactions to the show in real time through Twitter. 

And if you’re that interested in Steph’s connection with the navy, you can read more about it in our story.

Gordon Ramsay on Twitter

Whilst we’ve been having fun on Twitter, Gordon Ramsay Twitter page has certainly been having its own fun. From posting teaser videos, to witty responses to others’ opinions, it’s all there!

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get stuck into… our favourite Future Food Stars Tweet so far!

1. This mystery

2. Its Potential Resolution

3. Deliveroo's Morning Routine

4. The Burning Question we all had in Episode 4

5. Returning to the Office

6. This Harsh Truth about the Fast Food Challenge

7. Our "very original" logo ideas for week 3's non-alcoholic spirit

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Which or the many Future Food Stars tweets has been your favourite so far? Let us know by leaving a reply!

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