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Lets Go Sober This October!

We’ve all heard of dry January… But what’s taking centre stage this month is the MacMillan Cancer Support Initiative “Go Sober This October”!! 
So we are here to help you out with some delicious cocktail ideas without the alcohol. Same great taste, without the hangover!

Before we start, don’t forget to head over to the MacMillan Cancer Support website and consider contributing whilst taking part in this brilliant event!

Now! Up first we have…

Chu Lo Refresher

Chu Lo Refresher Cocktail

A Chu Lo Refresher! Simple and easy to make a refreshing cocktail to start of the night right!

50ml Seedlip Grove 42
Chu Lo Lemon Sour
A Dash of Orange Bitters
A Lemon peel garnish for the glass

Like we said, nice and simple to start us of, but don’t under estimate the amazing flavour of this one! 

The Peach Cobbler

Chu Lo Peach Cobbler

The Chu Lo Peach Cobbler, a warm take on a cool classic! 

15ml Monin Speculoos
Chu Lo Peach Sour 
Crushed Biscoff for the rim! 

Another brilliantly simple and beautifully tasty drink!

Chu Lo Cherry Bakewell

Chu Lo Cherry Bakewell

Last but certainly not least! The Chu Lo Cherry Bakewell, a unique and simple taste infusion! 

5ml Maple Syrup
2 Dashes of Vanilla Extract
Chu Lo Cherry Sour

You wont believe the incredible taste, it’s just like a Cherry Bakewell!

Now with all those brilliant recipes in your brain, make sure you tag us on Instagram @Chulo_Drinks if you shake up any of these cocktails, or if you make your own creative “Go Sober This October” Bevs!

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