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Trends tell us what we’ve really been into lately. They also give us an idea of what we can expect. As drinks industry trends shrink or grow, we can predict whether they’ll be lasting sensations or simply passing fads.

Today we are discussing the trends that show no signs of slowing down, because we prefer the good news! So, let’s discuss the industry’s fastest growing trends.

1. Health Benefits

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The drinks industry has seen a rise in popularity of drinks with health benefits; from vitamins in smoothies and energy drinks, to natural ingredients only, there is a clear demand for healthier drinks with less caffeine, calories, alcohol, and sugar. This is something Chu Lo can definitely get behind!

2. Sustainability

Unfortunately, sustainability isn’t exactly the drinks industry’s forte. So much plastic waste is caused by drinks packaging each year. 

Due to this, many companies are taking action to reduce single-use plastic, or to use more recycled plastic in their packaging. 

Fortunately, this will soon be backed by the UK Government’s Plastic Packaging Tax (or PPT).

This means that there will be a tax on plastic packaging (made in or imported into the UK) that contains less than 30% recycled plastic from April 2022. 

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Increasingly, new businesses like us are using cans instead of plastic to be more sustainable since the metal that makes cans can be recycled over and over again, indefinitely. 

Cans require less energy and materials to be made than glass (though it is debated whether glass or cans are better for the environment). And, surprisingly, a large amount of glass packaging isn’t recycled properly (some of the biggest culprits are pubs, bars, and restaurants)! 

Lowering carbon footprint is a big issue for the drinks industry; that’s why Chu Lo is made in the UK! By not importing our products from abroad, we’re making less of an impact on the environment. 

3. Ready to Drink Beverages

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Who has the time to put together a drink? It seems that a lot of people don’t, or refuse to spend their time doing it! With the rise in sales of ready to drink products, our laziness is probably to blame. Also, cocktails can be hard to get right, with too many separate and expensive ingredients. 

If you want some easy cocktail and mocktail recipes, check out ours here!

4. Hard Seltzer

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Hard seltzer is a mix of fizzy flavoured water and alcohol. Its unique selling point is that it is lower in calories, sugar, and alcohol than other alcoholic drinks. And as this category becomes more popular, many brands are competing for a place here. 

Chuhai, the Japanese drink Chu Lo is inspired by, is very similar to hard seltzer. Our aim is to provide all the tastiness of these popular alcoholic drinks without any of the alcohol – for a fresher, healthier drinking experience. 

5. NoLo Drinks

Great Wave Chu Lo Cocktail

NoLo is the name for no-alcohol and low-alcohol drinks! This category has really been on the rise lately and shows no signs of stopping! Chu Lo is a certainly a big advocate of this drinks industry trend! 

It seems people of all ages, and younger people especially, are saying no to high consumption of alcohol in their diets! Plus, cutting down doesn’t have to be boring; see our cocktail blog post that features NoLo recipes here and get your creativity on!

Whether you’re cutting down, don’t enjoy drinking too much, or don’t drink at all, there’s something in the NoLo category for you!

If you want a taste of the NoLo drinks revolution, you can get your hands our soft drinks now!

Which drinks industry trends are you most intrigued by? Which trends do you think are on the horizon? Let us know in the replies! 

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