Chu Lo Founder Awarded North West Region – Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Following an extremely busy January, Chu Lo Drinks received the amazing news that the Founder, Stephanie Buttery had been shortlisted as a Regional Finalist for North West’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  The awards were established by the Federation of Small Business (FSB) to recognise and celebrate the huge contribution that smaller businesses and the self-employed make to the UK.

Regional Awards:

The FSB Awards are a celebration of all things small business and included nominations from across the North West. The full list can be found here, the FSB Awards website.  The regional final took place in the Midland Hotel in Manchester and aside from being a wonderful event, provided some excellent networking opportunities.  There were a total of 8 nominees for the Regional Young Entrepreneur Award.  In addition to Chu Lo, the nominees ranged from Escape Rooms to Accountancy firms, all of whom had incredible stories and undoubtedly influencing young people to get into business.  The Regional Award was given to Stephanie on stage and some of the judge’s feedback from the FSB included:

‘Chu Lo is a brand with a great story.’

‘Stephanie has used council and government-run initiatives to great effect and the progress Chu Lo has made in their first year is inspiring.’

National Finals:

Stephanie will be joined by 12 other finalists for a sparkling National Final in Battersea on 23rd May.

So what does it mean to win? Stephanie Buttery, Chu Lo Founder said:

“It was a complete surprise, there are some truly impressive Young Entrepreneurs in the North West.  I am overjoyed to have won this award.”

For any Start-Up business, breaking through the noise of bigger brands is a real challenge. The FSB holding awards allow all kinds of businesses to gain external validation for their enterprise and without a doubt, the nomination alone is a huge achievement for any brand.  Moreover having a separate award for Young Entrepreneurs means that founders can benchmark against similar start-ups.  Most importantly the awards allow founders to take a minute to celebrate their achievement. Something founders are notoriously bad at!

Read more about our Award-Winning Chu Lo Story for yourself!



Chu Lo Launches on TikTok

At our launch in November we won the International Drinks Expo award for our ‘authentic design’ and ‘innovation’ so where better to promote our strengths than the innovative social media platform Tik Tok.

We love their tagline ‘real people, real videos’ and the idea of authenticity is something Chu Lo drinks strives to be associated with.It’s hard to believe that it has only been around for 3 years but it is easy to see why it has stolen the hearts of everyone from Baby Boomers to Gen Z.

It’s now the most downloaded app in the AppStore and these are some of the reasons we love it:

  • 500 Milion active users a month

    That is a lot of content and it is all original and funny and raw. There is no time to photoshop or perfecting, content is posted with the goal of entertaining and the people watching understand that it doesn’t need to be perfect.

  • 155 countries reach

    The spread of users is really great for diversifying the content, one minute you are looking at a Cosplay artist in the US miming to Hamilton, the next you are watching someone in Thailand paddling down a river with a cow. Truly international and lovable bonkers

  • TikTok Famous

    The random nature of the TikTok algorithm means that your videos can be seen by anyone and if you are on-trend… EVERYONE! The general rule to becoming TikTok famous is that the more authentic you are the better. Even in the last few weeks, we have uploaded 4 videos and the ones featuring people achieve more interactions.

  • Targetted Community

    TikTok has identified what their market love and have focussed on what makes them happy. As a result, they are advertising to creatives in Cinemas, musicians at the Brit Awards and sporty types at the Super Bowl.

  • Funny as hell

If you’re feeling down, 5 minutes on TikTok is enough to cheer you up. The videos last between 15 and 60 seconds which means that you can get a real variety.

I also love that the app has learnt what I like and continues to come up with amazing content.

Like Chu Lo, they have managed to span all generations by offering an innovative and community-based product. Follow us on Chu Lo on TikTok by simply scanning the Tikcode… you won’t regret it.

Chu-Lo joins Doki Doki’s 2019 hit weekend event

Now in it’s eighth year, the increasingly popular Doki Doki Festival made happy hunting ground for Chu-Lo fans.

Conceived as an afternoon session of culture and cosplay, Doki Doki has grown in popularity over the last two years with those who love to celebrate Japanese popular culture. Read more “Chu-Lo joins Doki Doki’s 2019 hit weekend event”

Fresh off the press

They’ve landed! The first batch of Chu-Lo drinks are here and eager stockists have already received their first order.

Chu-Lo will soon be available to purchase online, but if you can’t wait that long to savour that tangy Japanese taste, get on down to Manchester’s hip Northern Quarter where several of our stockists are already serving up ice cold Chu-Lo and expertly crafted cocktails with that Chu-Lo twist. Read more “Fresh off the press”

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