Our mixed cases of Chu Lo drinks contains 24 cans:

12 x Apple Sour

12 x Peach Sour

12 x Lemon Sour

12 x Cherry Sour

Apple: Apple Sour Chu Lo is packed with 60% apple juice giving the fruity tang you have been waiting for in your soft drinks. With a taste similar to fizzy apple laces this flavour hits the sweet spot! 

Peach: Peach Sour Chu Lo is totally unique with a peachy hit like sherbet, containing 30% peach juice there is no mistaking this flavour sensation. 

Lemon: Lemon sour is the authentic Japanese classic, based on the original flavours from 1920’s Japan Lemon Sour would not be out of place in downtown Tokyo.

Cherry: Crafted after big demand, Chu Lo delivers a cheery new Sour Cherry flavour soft drink to tantalise the taste buds – a cherrific choice for gamers and winners of all stripes!

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Serving size 330ml

73 calories per serving

All values for 100ml

See single can products for full nutrition


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