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In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th February) the marketing team here at Chu Lo thought we’d share some random acts of kindness that we’ve experienced, because blog posts can be wholesome, not just informative!

Although we focus on appreciating all things wacky and outlandish here at Chu Lo Drinks, it’s always good to highlight kindness!


Steph - Founder and Owner of Chu Lo Drinks

Friends hiking together in nature, big mountains in background.

Hiking is hungry work:

“When my partner and I were hiking, we met an Austrian couple that hadn’t been out for a meal the whole two weeks they had been hiking. They couldn’t afford a full meal because they were on a tight budget. So, we ended up taking them for a meal and paying for them.”

This goes to show that a little hospitality can go a long way!

More than part and parcel:

“It made my day recently when someone dropped my parcels at the door of my flat, instead of in the foyer.”

Just a tiny bit of effort on the part of this person was enough to be an act of kindness, and make someone else’s day that little bit easier.


Cassie - Communications and Marketing Manager


Mood-boosting treats:

“When living in a shared house, I liked to buy some sort of dessert from time to time, whether it be donuts, cookies, or a cake, to leave on the counter in the kitchen for my housemates to brighten their day a little.” 

A gift doesn’t have to be pricy or meaningful to improve someone’s day, it can just be nice (or tasty)!

A milkshake on the house:

“A random act of kindness I can remember was when I was on a city break, ordering food for my partner and I in a coffee shop. When I ordered my drink, the barista said “I’ll take that one off the bill!” for seemingly no reason. This kind gesture took me off guard and really made my day!” 

This proves once again that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach – in the form of free food and drink!


Jude - sALES AND Communications Executive

Piggy bank with British pounds

Never been tipped:

“I tipped a food delivery service worker who had never been tipped before. He let me know this and was super grateful.” 

Tipping maybe a normal practice for a lot of people, but this time it turned out to be a unique act of kindness!

Lost and found:

“Recently, before heading to work, I found a lost dog; it was a yappy Jack Russell! I was worried about it being left on its own, so I called one of my flatmates down and we waited with it until we found its owner. It was great to see the dog finally reunited with its owner!”

Definitely a good deed and great to see that it was reunited with its owner and safe!


Nathan - Communications Executive

Two men gaming together

Streamer teamwork:

“I’ve helped a friend who wants to be a Twitch streamer out by hosting the stream to give him some viewers.”

Definitely a great way to give a step up to someone starting with less viewers; we wish him all the best with his streaming!

The gift of gaming:

“Recently, my friend bought me a video game so we could play it together online.”

Sometimes acts of kindness can benefit both people; in this case, Nathan got a new game to play and his friend got a “Player 2” to game with!


Want to surprise someone?

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What random act of kindness have you received that made your day? Let us know by leaving a reply!

Also, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming TikTok where Team Chu Lo will be taking part in National Random Acts of Kindness Day, giving out cans of Chu Lo to people in Manchester!

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