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Social media holidays are great for many reasons. They’re usually innocent fun and they are a great opportunity for social media content. It can also be a great time to run related promotions to drive more traffic to your website. 

It’s often easier to get interactions on posts on internet holidays as they’re usually topics everyone can input on. So, as a drinks company, we’ve make a list of our favourite food and drink related social media holidays to help.

When we’ve included national days, they’re either US or UK-based (we’ve highlighted this throughout). These holidays can be (and are) used by UK businesses, particularly if you sell in the US, since UK ones are national but US ones are far more popular. For holidays that aren’t date-specific (e.g. first Monday of a month) we’ve included the 2022 dates. Enjoy! 


Hot and spicy red chilli on wood table background
  • 16th – International Hot & Spicy Food Day
  • 20th – National (US) Cheese Lovers Day 
  • 23rd – International Sticky Toffee Pudding Day
  • 27th – National (US) Chocolate Cake Day
  • 30th – National (US) Croissant Day 


Strawberries in white bowl on wooden background, top view
  • 5th – World Nutella Day
  • 6th – National (UK) Yorkshire Pudding Day (first Sunday of February)
  • 9th – National (UK) Pizza Day
  • 18th – National (UK) Drink Wine Day
  • 27th – National (UK & US) Strawberry Day


Belgian waffles with butter, blueberry and nuts
  • 6th – National (US) Oreo Cookie Day 
  • 7th – National (US) Cereal Day 
  • 11th – Popcorn Lover’s Day 
  • 14th – National (US) Potato Chip Day 
  • 25th – International Waffle Day
  • 26th – National (US) Spinach Day 


Fresh carrots
  • 4th – International Carrot Day
  • 21st – Banana Day / National (UK) Tea Day


Great Wave Chu Lo Cocktail
  • 1st – National (UK) Lemonade Day (first Sunday of May)
  • 11th – National (UK) Eat What You Want Day
  • 13th – World Cocktail Day
  • 17th – World Baking Day
  • 21st – World Whisky Day
  • 25th – National (US) Wine Day
  • 28th – International Hamburger Day
  • 29th – National (UK) Biscuit Day


Sushi and sushi roll set on white background.
  • 4th – National (US) Donut Day 
  • 11th – World Gin Day
  • 18th – International Sushi Day
  • 27th – International Pineapple Day


Mix of chocolate with nuts on wooden table
  • 7th – World Chocolate Day 
  • 10th – World Rum Day
  • 13th – International French Fry Day
  • 14th – National (US) Mac & Cheese Day
  • 16th – National (UK) Cherry Day
  • 18th – National (US) Ice Cream Day (third Sunday of July)
  • 20th – National (US) Hot Dog Day
  • 25th – National (UK) Wine and Cheese Day
  • 29th – International Chicken Wing Day
  • 30th – International Cheesecake Day
  • 31st – National (UK) Avocado Day


Burger and French fries on white background.
  • 5th – International Beer Day
  • 13th – National (UK) Prosecco Day
  • 16th – National (US) Rum Day
  • 20th – National (US) Lemonade Day
  • 25th – National (UK) Burger Day


Stir fry tofu with sesame seeds and herbs close-up.
  • 1st – National (UK) Tofu Day
  • 3rd – International Bacon Day
  • 5th – Cheese Pizza Day (US)
  • 7th – World Salami Day
  • 20th – Pepperoni Pizza Day (US)


Cup of coffee on table
  • 1st – International Coffee Day
  • 4th – National (UK) Taco Day
  • 14th – World Egg Day / Dessert Day
  • 19th – International Gin & Tonic Day
  • 20th – International Chefs Day
  • 25th – World Pasta Day
  • 25th – Greasy Foods Day 


Man with fresh vegetables next to a refrigerator
  • 1st – National (US) Cook For Your Pets Day
  • 3th – National (US) Sandwich Day
  • 4th – National (US) Candy Day
  • 5th – Pigs in Blankets Day (US)
  • 8th – National (US) Cappuccino Day
  • 15th – Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (US)
  • 26th – National (US) Cake Day


English Breakfast on table with cutlery
  • 2nd – English Breakfast Day
  • 4th – National (US) Cookie Day
  • 6th – National (US) Microwave Oven Day

What Other Food Holidays Should There Be?

We think there should be a National Soft Drinks or National Soda Day, but alas, the closest thing we could find was National Ice Cream Soda Day on 20th June in the US. 

The good thing is you can enjoy our sour soft drink anytime, with low sugar and no alcohol Chu Lo lets you keep your head in the game. 

Which social media holiday is your favourite? Let us know by leaving a reply!

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