Chu Lo Drinks cans on a table at the 2022 British Soft Drinks Conference

At Chu Lo, we’re saying “sour-nara” to boring sodas with our soft drinks. But today, we want to shine a light on other soft drinks startups that are fighting beverage boredom with innovation and sparkling ideas!

We saw most these businesses showcased at Zenith Global‘s 2022 UK Soft Drinks Conference and were blown away by them! Others we know from other business relationship which we will explain! So, without further ado, lets dive into these drinks. 

1. FUL

Ful drinks on a table at the 2022 British Soft Drinks Conference beside Chu Lo cans and other soft drinks brands like Coca Cola

Ful is a range of sparkling drinks made from Spirulina, a blue-green algae that’s super nutritious! They’re “climate positive” and currently come in 3 flavours! To top it off they’re low in calories, have no added sugar and are packed “ful” of good stuff like vitamin C and calcium!

2. Happy Inside Drinks

Happy Inside Drinks, like us, are stocked in YO! Sushi and this is how we know them! They are still drinks that boast being great for your gut health, with 50% of your daily vitamin C needs! These drinks are also high in fibre and contain “natural antioxidant” Japanese knotweed.

3. Get More Vits

Get More Vits at UK British Soft Drinks Conference

These drinks definitely pack a healthy punch! If you’ve always wanted an easier way to “Get More Vits” into your diet – this might be the drink for you! The bonus is that all their fruity vitamin water is sugar free! 

If you don’t want to drink your “vits”, they also have vitamin supplement tablets, effervescent vitamin tablets, multivitamin chewing gum, and vitamin sprays!

4. Jitterbug Drinks

Bola, Steph and other contestants on the beach in the first episode of Future Food Stars

Jitterbug is owned by Bola Obileye who was also a contestant (along with Chu Lo’s founder and owner, Steph) on Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars. Bola’s drinks are seltzers (soda water) made with apple cider vinegar. They come in a variety of flavours, with her awesome branding being inspired by the 1950s with drinks names like Orange Jive!

5. Mude (The Naked Collective)

Mude at UK British Soft Drinks Conference

Mude boasts a range of natural drinks with organic botanicals that enhance your mood, whatever your mood is! From helping you relax and unwind, to boosting your energy, Mude’s got your back.

We love seeing all the innovation and fresh ideas that have been filling up the drinks industry lately. You can let us know your favourite by leaving a reply under this post!

If after reading about all these soft drinks startups, you want to hear about ours, then see the story behind the beverage by clicking the button below. Or skip the story and let your taste buds decide – it’s up to you!

The photography in this post is curtesy of Zenith Global‘s UK Soft Drinks Conference 2022. You can see our blog post on the event here

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