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Spooky Season in Japan!

With Halloween fast approaching it is interesting to see how other countries celebrate like we do. Halloween is celebrated in Japan just like all over the world on October 31st. However, it did arrive late to the spooky scene when Tokyo Disneyland first introduced it to the mainstream public in 2000. Since then, it has gained a lot of popularity amongst Japanese people and has become part of their culture. Not surprisingly due to the popularity of Cosplay in Japan!

But is it the same?...

Japanese Halloween Pumpkin Display

Japan does things a little bit differently compared to the Western ideas of Halloween. 

  • There is no trick or treating! This may come as a surprise, as for us it is the main staple of Halloween day. But this is because Halloween is mainly celebrated by adults. 
  • Scary street parties! Halloween takes the form of a Japanese festival with street parties, flash mobs and parades all through the night.
  • Pumpkin galore! Pumpkins aren’t just seen as decorations and lanterns in Japan they are used in cooking traditional Japanese cuisine and even sweets.
  • As for the decs… paper origami is a classic for decorating Japanese homes!

Even though Halloween is a fairly recent addition to Japanese culture, the Japanese have enthusiastically embraced the spooky season in all its glory! Making Halloween in Japan a unique and thoroughly Japanese experience.


Your very own Japan inspired Halloween!

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