A delicious Japanese inspired premium soft drink lovingly crafted for those with a thirst for everything out of the ordinary.

Imagine a refreshing soft drink with all the delightful, authentic taste and fruity sour fizz of Japanese Chūhai in three delicious flavours. That’s Chu Lo in a collectable and uniquely illustrated recyclable aluminium can!

It’s the perfect refreshing companion for thirsty gamers of all stripes and an exotic cocktail mixer for adventurous party goers.

So what’s the deal with Chu Lo?


In just six months, Chu Lo went from concept and crafting to canning. Chu Lo is now being stocked from Manchester to Mayfair – with plans for wider release across the UK in 2020. 

You don’t have to wait to get your taste buds tingling with our vegan friendly, gluten free and low sugar soft drink because Chu Lo is available to order online here, right now…

The Japanese connection

While deployed in Japan with the Royal Navy, Steph Buttery fell in love with the carbonated, fruit flavoured alcoholic beverage Chūhai.

Months later, and back in Manchester UK, Stephanie put together her plans to bring the delicious fruity experience to her native UK in the form of an inspired soft drink so that everyone can enjoy the taste of Japan.

Stephanie Buttery is the founder and owner of Chu Lo Drinks. Having honed her leadership and management skills during her ten years with the British Navy, Stephanie set up a business to bring the taste of Japan to her native UK. The Chu Lo brand is supported by a team of four accomplished advisors with extensive experience in marketing and finance.

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