A delicious Japanese inspired premium soft drink lovingly crafted for those with a thirst for everything out of the ordinary.

That’s what Chu Lo’s all about. It’s been quite an adventure building the Chu Lo drinks brand – a story I’d love to share with you. Join me, Stephanie Buttery, on the exciting journey of bringing into realisation the Japan-inspired, exciting sour fizz soft drink and making a dream come true. 

Comic strip of Steph Buttery in Tokyo

It all began I when traveled with the British Royal Navy to Tokyo where I tasted the hugely popular alcoholic drink Chuhai.

I loved the taste but back in England there was nothing on the market quite like it and shipping the drink from Japan was out of the question.

Steph Buttery in comic strip unimpressed at soft drink
Comic strip of Steph Buttery doing Chu-lo maths

So i set to work making the drink my for myself; An authentic-tasting, alcohol-free, sour fruit soft drink.

Chu-lo fuel for gamers illustration

A refreshing soft drink with all the delightful, authentic taste and fruity sour fizz of Japanese Chūhai in three delicious flavours.

That’s Chu Lo in a collectable and uniquely illustrated recyclable aluminium can! Alcohol-free beverage so you can revel in the taste of Chu Lo and keep your head on the game.

It’s the perfect refreshing companion for thirsty gamers of all stripes and an exotic cocktail mixer for adventurous party goers.

Comic strip of pandemic

Just when things were coming together, the pandemic hit. With restaurants and stores shutting their doors, delivering Chu Lo to thirsty customers proved a challenge.

In no time at all,
Chu Lo was back on track, featuring on TV, winning awards and teaming up with major restaurant franchises.

Comic book illustration

Join us on this exciting adventure and be a part of the Chu Lo experience. you’re invited.

Stephanie Buttery is the founder and owner of Chu Lo Drinks. Having honed her leadership and management skills during her ten years with the British Navy, Stephanie set up a business to bring the taste of Japan to her native UK. The Chu Lo brand is supported by a team of four accomplished advisors with extensive experience in marketing and finance.

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