Crossing the Chasm. New Canning Venture’s!

Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the chasm… now, you may have heard this businessy term, but like many of us sometimes it needs breaking down a bit. So what does crossing the chasm mean for start-ups like us?

Geoffery Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm, details the process and challenges with crossing the chasm, but this blog will hopefully summarise it a bit for you.

So in simple terms, crossing the chasm is essentially transitioning between the early market to the mainstream market. The early market being the innovators and early adopters and the late market being the early majority, late majority, and laggards. It is usually used when new technology is being introduced, however it can be used in general company strategy too.

Crossing the chasm

Crossing the chasm is a very important stage in marketing, and it isn’t normally the first to market that succeeds, but the first to cross the chasm. The needs of the mainstream market is normally very different to the early market, so as a start-up it is important to identify those, the main challenge for the mainstream market is to make them believe that your brand is the safe option so they feel like they can trust you into buying in.

Once the chasm has been crossed, it should allow for your company to see a rise in sales and customer loyalty. And with this comes profit, which is an added bonus!!

At Chu Lo we have recently changed canning supplier, which is big news for us as it has been a while in the making! This change is allowing us to cross the chasm, as we are now branching out to our mainstream market, and becoming slightly less niche, while still tapping into our USP!

We’re so excited to share this ace news with you! And if you want to get a hold of some of these new cans for yourself, you can head to the button below! 

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