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Belong Arena Clash!

Belong Arena cLASH

Have you heard? Our good friends at GAME are underway with their exciting next instalment of the Belong Arena Clash! You might be wondering what Arena Clash is, well keep reading and we’ll cover everything you need to know!

Arena Clash is a tournament spread across a few different games, in the past we have seen games like Rainbow 6 Siege, CSGO and Fifa, but this time around we’re going to be watching Overwatch 2, Valorant, League of Legends, Tekken 7 & their newest listing Fortnite!


Arena Clash Autumn 2022

With 5 games going on at the same time, it’s the widest Arena Clash has been spread to date! So there’s even more viewing opportunities! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, what actually is Arena Clash?
Arena Clash is a tournament run across these five games between the different cities around the UK, there are currently 26 different places to go and participate!

Belong Arena Map

Bradford Rams
Hull Hunters 
Manchester Swarm
Preston Invincibles
Scunthorpe Destroyers 
Sheffield Serpents
Teesside Steelers
Bristol Smugglers
Birmingham Fort Defenders
Birmingham Bruisers
Braintree Boars
Milton Keynes Enigmas
Wolverhampton Wildcats
Lakeside Leviathans
Plymouth Armada
Stratford Spartans
Sutton Spectres
Aberdeen Gargoyles
Wrexham Reapers
Ballymena Bears
Craigavon Kestrels
Maiden City Bats
Newry Gatekeepers
Leicester Raptors

Each Belong Arena runs their own teams for each of the different games that you can participate in. They run in-house team building, then there’s the chance to participate against the other teams in the UK, to see which teams qualify for the league of each game. The qualified teams play through the regular season, communicating with the other Belong Arena’s for their matches each week that are all played in person at the Arena’s, while also being selectively streamed. Then the top teams move onto the single elimination playoffs, and finally the top two teams go into the finals to play for the grand prize and the accomplishment of being the Arena Clash Champions! 

Arena Clash Format

The prizes are awarded to the top four placing teams;
First Place – £200 & £100 (RRP) Worth of Hardware, Peripherals and merchandise
Second Place – £125 & £50 (RRP) Worth of Hardware, Peripherals and merchandise
Third Place – £100
Four Place – £80

However, Fortnite’s prize system is a little different, the format is a Duo’s tournament throughout multiple rounds of the battle royal, with the prizes being as follows;
First Place – £750
Second Place – £575
Third Place – £450
Fourth Place – £350
Fifth Place £300
Sixth Place – Eighth Place – £250
Ninth Place – Eleventh Place – £200
Twelfth Place – Fifteenth Place – £150
Sixteenth PlaceTwentieth Place – £75
Twenty-first PlaceTwenty-fifth Place – £50

Schedule's and timings

It’s a very exciting event to watch throughout, with plenty of variety in the games covered and the skill level too! So there’s something for everyone, go check out to get all the info you need on dates and times, then head over to to watch live and cheer on your favourite or local team!

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Santander x Awards

The Santander X Awards

The Santander X Awards

We have entered Santander X this year, and are super excited to share with you some of our innovative competitors who we are up against. Santander X is a competition to help society find the most innovative and sustainable startups and scale-ups out there. It is a super fun application process and has really taught us a lot! But, we obviously have some tough competition… 


Gusto Snacks

Gusto Snacks

First up is Gusto Snacks. These are a really exciting start up, that make apple dried crisps but made with wonky fruit! They rescue and transform misshapen fruit into delicious snacks, to help with food waste. It doesn’t get much more wonky than that… 

Savora Drinks

Savora Drinks are a premium mixer that can be perfectly paired with Tequila. They came across a problem that it is always hard to find a mixer to go with tequila, so they crafted their own tasty treat!

Savora Drinks


Ruh engineers snacks specifically for a happy soul. They make chocolate snacks that only contain the good stuff, but still taste great. They believe that ‘a happier soul, is a happier you’.


Foodilicious are proud to be the UKs first low FOODMAP food and drink brand, pretty impressive! This means their products are kind to your gut and are perfect if you have IBS or a sensitive stomach.

E Menu

EMenu now

A techy one next, EMenu Now is the only QR code order & pay solution that plugs into any existing POS system. Very innovative!

Tuggs Dog Food

 Tuggs Dog Food believes they are the future of dog food. They make 100% natural dog food that uses insect protein to help the environment!

Tuggs Dog Food
Chu Lo Drinks

Chu Lo Drinks

And then there’s us! If you don’t know Chu Lo, we are a Japanese inspired sour soft drink brand. We use freshly squeezed fruit juice and delicious flavours for a low sugar, alcohol-free super sour soda with a unique and tantalising fizzy kick.

Tough Competition!

So as you can see, there is big competition at the Santander X awards this year, so look out for us and all the other amazing brands we are up against, and bring on the competition!

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