Orange and Tropical Fruit Sour – Here to save the summer!

Orange Sour
Tropical Fruit Sour

Choose Your character!

Look out! Two new Chu Lo flavours have just landed! Orange Sour & Tropical Fruit sour!! Two more brilliant additions to our Japanese-inspired sour soft drinks… The perfect refresher to your summer survival kit!

We can’t wait for you to experience these amazing flavours and tell us what you think!


It seems fitting that as our team grows, so does the range of exciting flavours, meaning now there is more choice than ever on how you want to #SourUp your day!

So what makes that great taste?

Orange Sour

Made with 14.7% fruit juice, only 4.4 grams of sugar and 70 calories per can, it’s a real treat you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying!

While the label may say Orange Sour, we like to think of it more like a Mandarin flavour, with every sip tasting like the first bite of fresh Mandarin goodness!

Tropical Fruit Sour

Our Tropical Sour is made with 14.7% fruit juice and only 4.6 grams of sugar! Making it another excellent choice for anyone, at any time. It blends Passion Fruit, Star Fruit and Pineapple, for a truly tropical medley! 

No matter where you are, it’s so good you could be on the Okinawa beach in Japan!

With new flavours comes new designs!

Orange Sour Can Art

The new flavours come with a new style. We’ve taken influence from popular Video Games and Pop Culture classics. Each can has a unique character which will fit right into the existing line up!

Here's some fun Orange and Tropical Idea's for you!

All our Chu Lo flavours stand the test of any taste bud just fine on their own. But, to level up your taste buds even further,  try shaking Chu Lo up into a refreshing summer cocktail. Swap your Chu Lo for Chu Hi.  

Tropical Pina Colada

 White Rum, Cream of Coconut, Tropical Fruit Sour Chu Lo, Ice and a little bit of lime juice! 

 Pineapple Mojito

 Fresh Mint, Lime Juice, White Rum, Soda Water and Tropical Fruit Sour Chu Lo! 

Orange Margarita

 Orange Sour Chu Lo, Tequila, Lime Juice, Triple Sec or Cointreau!

Tequila Sunrise

 Orange Sour Chu Lo, Grenadine and A heavy helping of Tequila!


Of course, if you’re into a more straight forward drink, Chu Lo works amazingly with all your classic spirits, from Vodka to Gin or even back to its routes with Shōchū! 


All are perfect for tropical fun in the sun!

So... wHERE CAN i GET IT ?

The new flavours peaked your interest ? Well you’re in luck because they’re available to buy on our website!

So check it out with the button below! And feel free to leave us a review to tell us what you think!! 


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