Sour-Up Your Soda!

Chu Lo is a brand new Japanese inspired range of sour sodass.

Inspired by Japan’s hugely popular alcoholic sour tipple, Chuhai, Chu Lo fuses the same freshly squeezed fruit juice and delicious flavours into a low sugar, alcohol-free super sour soda with a unique and tantalising fizzy kick.

So what are you waiting for ? Don’t be a sour-puss, SOUR-UP with one of our three tastebud bending flavours.


Chu Lo Launches into HMV

We have an amazing new stockist: HMV! Because flicking through DVDs, records, and movies is thirsty work!  (more…)
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Woman gaming on sofa with gaming controller in hands. Chu Lo Apple Sour on arm rest.

Is Gaming Niche?

There was certainly a lot of debate over this after the final episode of Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars aired.…
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Chu Lo Drinks cans on a table at the 2022 British Soft Drinks Conference

Soft Drinks Startups That Are Smashing It

At Chu Lo, we're saying "sour-nara" to boring sodas with our soft drinks. But today, we want to shine a…
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